Facts File

Dehradun appears like a normal bustling hill station at first glance. But look closer and you will see that it is steeped in heritage and history. It has a long list of landmarks and is home to some of the oldest schools in India. Dehradun is the location for the Indian Military Academy, the Survey of India and the world famous Doon School

Dehradun is quite accessible via Road (Buses or Own Transportation), Trains (With Superfast Shatabdi and others) or Flights. Jolly Grant Airport is approx. 25 km from the valley of Dehradun. Delhi to Dehradun distance is apprx. 264 kms.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Dehradun

  • Dehradun was founded by Sikh Guru, Guru Ram Rai in the 18th century? Sikhs ruled the city for about 24 years.
  • Nepalese also got to rule the Dehradun region for a short span of time. Gurkhas took over the city in the year 1803 and ruled it until 1816, when they signed the treaty of Sugowali with the British.
  • Dehradun was a part of the Mauryan Empire under the reign of Ashoka the Great from 273 BC to 232 BC. A rock edict of Ashoka the Great found in Kalsi in 1860 proves this.
  • Dehradun continues to top the list of cities with best educational institutions.From the Doon School, Welhams Girls School, to the Indian Military Academy, and Survey of India, the presence of prestigious educational institutes had earned Dehradun its nickname, ‘Eton of the East.’
  • Considered overcrowded, Dehradun still retains a naturally scenic countryside you should not miss
  • Historic Paltan Bazar in Dehradun has been awarded an international award for best systems and convenience.
  • Hundred of tourists visit the nearby Sahastradhara sulphur spring near Dehradun, for the waters can heal various skin ailments in humans.